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Christmas at Blue Antler Studio


Snowy Christmas 2010

It has been a great Christmas season here at Blue Antler Studio. A beautiful blanket of snow painted a Currier and Ives image over the ridge. The early snow fall brought with it an enhanced spirit of the season as well as enough building material for my son to construct an enormous igloo in the back field, much to the delight of our ridge neighbors that stopped by, young and old, to crawl inside and snap some photos.

The snow also made for great wildlife viewing. Birds fluttered around the bird feeders adding splashes of red, blue and grays to the white scene. We’ve watched deer as they wonder through the hushed forest just beyond the yard. A large tom turkey, along with a dozen or so hens and adolescents, entertained us one morning as they scratched about in the field out front.

 Fortunately the snow didn’t prevent our family, friends and neighbors from joining us at our annual tree trimming party. In fact this year the cabin was filled to capacity with kindred spirits and gleeful children all in the holiday mood. As is tradition we served chili with spaghetti and grilled cheese sandwiches, oyster stew and an assortment of homemade goodies; sugar cookies, fudge, peanut brittle, mulled cider and more. Children decorated the lower part of the large prickly cedar, which we cut here on the ridge, while the adults filled in the top branches with the handcrafted ornaments donated over the years by our party guests.  Finally with the lighting of the tree, blue lights of course, Christmas officially arrived at Blue Antler Studio.

 We hope you will take the time to nourish your spirit during this season and throughout the year.


Textile Addictions

In carving out a small part of  “me” in our home office, I brought in from the garage an old baguette cooling rack (or so I am told ;-))  that I picked up during my scavenger travels in Kentucky.    And, although I am surrounded by the books that I love in this office, I really needed to bring in a little bit of my real addiction – textiles!!   I just cannot resist yummy fabric, trims, beautiful yarns – even burlap is gorgeous to my eyes.   The rack is a great resting place for some of these beauties and I can gaze at them during the mundane activities of paying bills, paperwork, phone calls, etc.    It’s a small space really but it makes my heart sing every time I glance over and start dreaming of the possibilities…..   My heart literally skips a bit every time I take a peak!    Try it with your own collections and let me know how it feels.   Small effort – big payoff!

Lisa's Rotating Textile Display

Pink Holiday Fun!

Blue Antler Studio participated in a wonderful holiday event in support of breast cancer research.  The event took place Friday December 17, at the Hinnant Family Vineyard  in Pine Level, NC.  Kate White, of KW Event Productions, , Clayton, NC volunteered her time and creativity to sponsor and host the event.  Blue Antler Studio donated several items to the silent auction as did numerous artists and local businesses. There was wine, music, ambience, art and lots and lots of fun.  It was a great way to celebrate the season while supporting  a very important cause. Check out some pictures of the event taken by local photographer Hilary Mercer


Handmade Recycled Paper Ornaments

 A few years ago, during her after Christmas bargain search, Lisa found a beautiful white feather tree. Although she saw potential in its snowy white branches, it languished in her closet until this year.  Then something told her it was time to make the tall, slender tree a part of her Christmas display. So she dug it out and sat it on her kitchen island and waited for it to reveal to her how it wanted to be adorned. If inanimate objects can be kindred spirits surely this tree must be one because, true to Lisa’s spirit, she saw it draped in vintage pom- pom garland and paper tree ornaments crafted from the recycled pages of her favorite magazines.


Hello World – this is Kathy and Lisa.   We are new to the blogging community and  as newbies, we are sure we will make some mistakes along the way but hope our virtual friends will forgive our mistakes and welcome us into the community anyway.    The inspiration for this site grew through collaboration on creative projects for ourselves, our families and our friends.   And in that spirit, our first post is about the creative spirit that envelops us this time of year.    Beginning with our homes.

Tree basket with vintage glass ornaments and back-lit with white Christmas lights.