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Special Event For Our Wounded Warriors

Once again Blue Antler Studio will be participating in an event we very much believe in, Wounded Warrior Outdoors,,  provides outdoor adventures for soldiers that have given so much for the protection of our freedom. There is a fundraiser, Cocktails For A Cause, tonight, February 24th, and we’re donating a special Santa for the silent auction. The sitting, mantel Santa is dressed in long johns and checkered britches, cut from an old pair of my hubby’s pants from his Colorado wrangler days. This Santa has an American flag and the remnant of an old crazy quilt draped over his shoulders, an embroidered burlap sack on his back and both arms full of toys. We will be thrilled to have this very special Santa in a home that supports our brave heroes.

Wedding Update: The Dress!

This adventure began on a summer day in NYC with a stunning, solitaire ring and a romantic proposal on the Brooklyn Bridge. A short time later I flew into town with a couple of friends in tow to help in the search for the perfect dress. As my daughters’ closet is a collection of contemporary, classic and vintage, it was no surprise that the search would begin at an unconventional wedding shop. “The Bridal Garden” is a not for profit organization that resells donated designer samples, vintage and couture gowns.

Promptly at 3:00 we  stood at an unmarked door on the ninth floor of a high rise in lower Manhattan, hoping we were in the right place.  Tentatively I knocked and a wiry haired woman opened the door. When she didn’t identify herself I inquired if we were at David’s Bridal.  She responded with a harsh, New Yorker laugh then simply turned and ushered us into a  surprisingly small showroom. Navigating a narrow path that wound through clouds of puffy white satin, lace and toile, she led us to a tiny dressing room in the far corner. “The dresses are organized by size; you have an hour”, then she was gone and we were on our own. No champagne or pampering here, but no high pressure sales ladies with frozen smiles and hollow compliments either.

Lisa, Karen and I spread out, digging through racks of Anna Maier, Ulla – Maija, Angel Sanchez, Vera Wang and others until, with our arms full of potential picks, we raced back to the tiny dressing room.  A slinky backless dress – no; mermaid in lace – no; the fur trimmed number LOL – no! Then Lisa handed her one more dress. She slipped it on and stepped out of the dressing room; thin bejeweled straps lay gracefully over her shoulders and a perfectly fitted bodice dropped just below her waist where it smoothly joined a skirt that flowed voluminously over three layers of slips into the very vision of a vintage, classic gown; it was stunning; it was “the dress”.

But it was $2000 and far over budget.  Other bride-to-be’s shopping nearby stopped to stare; some seemed to be circling, ready to pounce the second it was returned to the racks. Even the wiry haired lady, who had returned to let us know our time was up, was impressed by how beautifully the dress fit.  Putting on the readers that dangled from a chain around her neck, she examined the tag. Then smiling for the first time she announced that the dress was clearanced and was priced at $550. Moments later, in a Hollywood like scene, Lisa, Karen and I stood on the curb of W 21st watching my daughter, engulfed in joy and billows of white satin, climb into the back of a NYC cab, turning to wave at us through the rear window in happily ever after style.

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Crafts of Blue Antler Studio and Rocky Round

I am often asked if the rest of my family is also artistic and while no one else has pursued the academics of art or a profession in the field, they are indeed a creative bunch.  Fortunately for me I come from, and grew up surrounded by, people that interject creativity into daily life.  Our beds are covered with intricate handmade quilts, our cupboards filled with golden jars of homegrown sorghum and maple syrup and our homes decorated with all manner of handmade folk art, all inspired by the need to create.

This desire, however, is not unique to me, to my family, my community or my generation. It is a desire spanning the entire experience of humanity, from ancient paintings found on cave walls in France to the mixed media of found objects hanging in my daughters Brooklyn apartment.  Creativity defines the human spirit.

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Another Book to Be Cherished!!

Hi Everyone – Finally, a highly anticipated book that I had pre-ordered quite a while ago arrived on my doorstep today – Happy Me!   “The Pioneer Woman Black Heels to Tractor Wheels” was released today and I am sure it will be a best seller almost immediately.   For any of you who do not know Ree Drummond’s blog –, I must insist that you head over there ASAP!   She is read and loved by thousands of readers everyday.   She will make you laugh, cry and gain a few pounds just looking at the food she creates and photographs step by step.    This is Ree’s second book and it chronicles the love story of how she met her husband and the courtship and marriage that ensues.    I have only had time to read the first chapter, however, I am already having some “a ha” moments:   romance, chance encounters where you least expect them, coming home to family and friends, etc.     I cannot wait to draw a bubble bath tonight and happily soak while I read away.


We’re Having A Wedding!

First Dance

Last year in May I had a daughter get married in a lovely understated ceremony on the beach, followed by a magical “Mama Mia” inspired celebration.  There were colorful paper lanterns strung everywhere, a steel drum playing in the background and brightly patterned sarongs, tablecloths and batiks haphazardly covering an assortment of miss-matched tables, it was simply stunning.  It was my daughter’s vision from the start and fully realized thanks to the help and participation of family, friends and neighbors who lent their creativity, moral support and muscle to the project. Now we’re doing it again, this time it is a different daughter and of course a different vision but once again it will be at the beach. This time around I’ll keep you all informed as we dance, stitch, cook and create our way to another dream wedding.