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Time To Partaay!

The big day is almost here and we have been crazy busy addressing all the things still on our list of to-do’s.

  • Menu, cake and grill – check, check and check
  • Rentals and tents – check and check
  • Drinks – check
  • Decoration and bouquet supplies – check and check
  • Entertainment – check
  • Helpers – check
  • The dress and Groom’s suit – fingers crossed – check and check


But with the arrival of Nate, groomsmen, brother to the bride, and my baby home from college; and Kate, maid of honor and sister of the bride, in from NC with her husband Ben, our gathering has begun. Cindy flies in from NYC tomorrow and Benny arrives on Monday, then our family will be complete and the celebrations start.                                               

A Trip To The Farmers Market Kicks Off A Wonderful Pre-Wedding Weekend

Cindy flew home for the weekend and what a wonderful weekend it was.  She looks great, she’s eating healthy and working out regularly, not to mention all the walking that comes with being a NY City girl; she’s in the best shape of her life.  While this is a good thing, the inch that has melted away from her already slender waist has made another dress fitting necessary! So everyone please say a little prayer that when she next slips into her lovely gown, a mere four days before the wedding, that it looks and fits perfectly.

On her first morning home we rose early and headed off to the local farmers market.  The day was clear and, as it was early, the temperature was a perfect 75 degrees. We spent the morning wandering through stalls of hand-made and home-grown products. After tasting , squeezing and smelling all manner of veggies, we purchased  tomatoes, the first of the season; baby cucumbers; a bag of mixed greens  from my favorite greens vendor;  fresh-baked farmers bread from the German baker; giant sweet carrots; red onion  and some locally made Gouda.

A collection of hand-woven baskets caught Cindy’s eye, she returned again and again to the booth filled with the free trade products; impressed not only with the lovely baskets but the humanitarian business philosophy.  When we finally headed for home with our sacks full of fresh organics, a beautiful hand-crafted, free trade basket swung from her arm.

The best part of the weekend, not counting catching up over a beautiful bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and the lovely shower hosted by friends of Cindy’s future mother-in-law, was making the bouquet prototype. The all green succulent arrangements are going to be more beautiful than even we imagined.  Cindy is thrilled.

We also worked out the cake design, finalized the menu, walked through the photos she wants taken, decided on the ceremony layout, worked on the veil, picked out the father of the bride’s wedding-wear and practiced our up-does.

So after three frenzied days of wedding planning, wonderful fresh meals eaten under the arbor, a little wine, a little sangria and a little more of Wayne’s amazing orange crushes; it was time for her to leave.  Although we had been very productive, getting much checked off our long list, by the time she turned to wave good bye at the airport, our to-do list and excitement was growing.

Wedding Stage

As the big day approaches we are starting to get busy again.  Cindy will be flying in for the weekend and we should be able to get several things checked off our list.  But thanks to the dedication and skills of my husband, we can check one major project off our to-do list; the building of the ceremony platform.   Yes there will be a raised platform for the bride and groom to stand on and exchange vows.  It is necessitated by the location. While the wedding will take place at the beach it will not be on the beach.  Cindy and Benny want to be married at the beach house. The house is roomy enough to  shelter all the  wonderful memories our family has made and have yet to make there but not large enough to host a two hundred guest wedding. The lot is small and if not for the generosity of our neighbors allowing our celebration to spill out over the property lines and into their yards, patios and even drive ways, the location and wedding dreams of my daughter, would not come to fruition. 

But as we are blessed with wonderful neighbors the plan is for the ceremony to take place on our patio with the happy couple elevated above the crowd.  That brings me back to the platform.  I like to multipurpose whenever possible and I immediately realized the dual potential in this project. Now Cindy and Benny have their stage and I have my long dreamed of patio lounger.  Thanks hubby, great job.