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Travel Dreaming

i'm in venice italy

A few years back (exactly how many will remain unspecified), I took an amazing sojourn in celebration of my fiftieth birthday. Lasting several weeks, the solo journey took me through France, Italy, Switzerland and personal transformation.
During the months of dreaming, researching and planning for the trip, I suppressed concerns and fears that could threaten my will to make such a journey. I had been to Europe only once before, to Italy with a group of friends.  I knew this trip would be different, what I couldn’t know was just how different; how the unexpected challenges and rewards I faced along the way would shape not only the experience, but me.

Check out the travel page where you can read the journal I kept during my travels and look at some amazing photos; then drop me a note if you have any questions about my travels  or have comments you would like to share on your own journey.


My Time By The Sea

florida river-side cottage, painting acrylic on canvas

path to the beach

While I am excited to soon be headed back to the ridge, Blue Antler Studio and  the creativity that will inevitably spring from the gatherings with my family and fellow creative kindred spirits; I have immensely enjoyed my time here at the sea’s edge. It has been very rewarding both in creativity and in simple joy.

I’ve painted…

playing at the shore, painting, acrylic on canvas

florida Lake, painting, acrylic on canvas

florida river-side cottage, painting acrylic on canvas

click here to see more paintings

I’ve been inspired by the endless moods of the Atlantic and its passionate dance with the shore.

dramatic sunrise over the atlantic

dramatic skies over the sea

ominousness skies over the ocean

lightening over the atlantic

blue-green waters of the atlantic

And Hubby and I finally made time to tackle some of the projects we’ve wanted to complete. Beginning with the amazing Brooklyn Flea Market find that we purchased during our last trip to visit our daughter and her hubby in NYC. The moment I spotted the old shoe factory cart, with its warm, worn patina and small industrial wheels, in my mind’s eye it was already sitting in my small beach-side kitchen with beautiful bottles of wine resting on its racks; and now…

vintage, shoe factory rack found at brooklyn flea

 that’s exactly where it resides.

old shoe rack repurposed into wine rack

I think all this creativity is worthy of a toast; umm? which bottle to choose?

shypoke wine, calistoga, CA

Cheers to the sea, the ridge, creativity and simple joy!


Love’n The Versatile Succulent

Ever since my daughter chose to use succulents in her wedding, I have been in love with these beautiful, durable plants.

succulent wedding bouquet


succulents as table decor

From bouquets, to planters, to the garden, even to the garden wall, their versatility makes them perfect for so many applications.

succulents in the garden

To add a splash of eclectic fun to my window, I recently used a colorful olive oil tin and re-purposed it into a sill sized planter. First I used a belt sander to grind off the top of the tin. Then using hot soapy water I cleaned the empty tin. Next, I punched a few holes into the bottom and filled it half way to the top with pea gravel, before filling it the rest of the way with a cactus potting mixture. Finally I added the succulents and finished by covering the soil with pea gravel.

succulents planted in re-purposed olive oil tin

Spread the love – plant some succulents!

for more inspiration check out the party…

collage 5-1-13 2