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A Walk Along The Ridge

I thought this beautiful summer day would be a good day to take you on a walk along the Ridge.

country gravel road

As we stroll along the gravel road we pass  by this Redbud tree with its interesting seed pods.

redbud tree seed pods


At the end of the drive, we take a right at the mailbox.

rail fence along country road

flowers along country road

We stop to admire some bright orange Butterfly Weed, sky blue Chicory, and fields of Queen Ann’s Lace.

hillside of queen ann's lace

sister's cabin

Before long we pass my sister’s cabin, built by our late brother who lovingly passed it on to her.  She has lovingly honored his gift by surrounding the little cabin with life. Her beautiful gardens attract butterflies, bees, birds and deer as frequent visitors.

garden fountain

Cabin in the country

Then we come upon my brother’s cabin.  We folks along Rocky Round love old log cabins; all seven of which were rescued from decay, carefully dismantled, moved and reconstructed along the Ridge.

brother's cabin

country road

dad's cabin and barn

the tire swing

We stroll past the small farm and its little white farm-house, where my parents have spent a lifetime raising chickens, beans, tobacco and seven kids.

little white country house

country road

 Soon we enter the shade of woods…Woodland ferns

and head over the hill where the Licking River wraps around the foot of the ridge like a long muddy snake curling its way on toward the Ohio.

the licking river

Then we make our way back out the road to the cabin and Blue Antler Studio.

country road

Enjoy your day.

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