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Glamping – It’s a Girl Thing

Glamping – it’s a girl thing and it is coming to the ridge!  I’m hosting  a clamping weekend this fall for  my sisters and the planning is already underway. There will be  activities like bread baking, hiking, crafting, outdoor chick-flicks (Mama Mia, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, How to Make an American Quilt- suggestions welcomed) a vineyard picnic, or maybe a trip to the orchard,  campfires and of course glamping up our tents. This weekend sister Edna (my sister not a” Sister sister”) came by to help me on a trial tent glamp-up.


While it’s a must that our glamping accommodations be fabulous, here on the ridge we glamp on the cheap.  To that end,  our yard sale treasures this spring have been heavy on the glamping theme with lovely textiles, accessories and furnishings suitable for making  our tents, which will be pop-ups and picnic tents, fabulously  glamorous. With sister Enda’s pop-up tent and the yard sale’n inventory of lovely stuff, we put together a space that is the essence of glamor + camping.

glamping set-up

Sis arrived with her pop-up tent and a vision of  a filmy, white, shabby chic space; which I love, however I was feeling  a bit more color. As it turned out,  her tent was blue and we had only enough white sheers for three walls, so entered my colorful tablecloths and a touch of  bohemian; the marriage of our visions resulted in  a glorious space with a wonderful vibe.

fabulous glamping tent

The day was windy and we often found ourselves engulfed in a flowy mass of white, billowing in the breeze; so we anchored the bottom of the fabric by threading a string through the hems and securing the string under the stakes at each tent pole.

glamping on the ridge

Then we invited the rest of the sisters out for a preview…

glamping sisters (3)

and a few treats.

glamping eats

glamping sisters

I’m LOVE’N it!

I'm glamping

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Another Book to Be Cherished!!

Hi Everyone – Finally, a highly anticipated book that I had pre-ordered quite a while ago arrived on my doorstep today – Happy Me!   “The Pioneer Woman Black Heels to Tractor Wheels” was released today and I am sure it will be a best seller almost immediately.   For any of you who do not know Ree Drummond’s blog –, I must insist that you head over there ASAP!   She is read and loved by thousands of readers everyday.   She will make you laugh, cry and gain a few pounds just looking at the food she creates and photographs step by step.    This is Ree’s second book and it chronicles the love story of how she met her husband and the courtship and marriage that ensues.    I have only had time to read the first chapter, however, I am already having some “a ha” moments:   romance, chance encounters where you least expect them, coming home to family and friends, etc.     I cannot wait to draw a bubble bath tonight and happily soak while I read away.