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Moments Gathered Around the Table

Moments gathered around the table nourish more than the body.

grandma T and Kate making dumplings

Skills and traditions are passed on, around the table

wedding setup

We gather around the table to celebrate joyful occasions


wedding banquet tables

wedding banquet tables

GrandpaTfeedingbabyKate 001

Generations bond around the table

a moment in costa rica

Friends travel to far away places to gather and party

farm tour end

Sisters gather to share laughter, food and wine

around a farm table

Memories are shared around the table


New traditions begin around the table


Mom’s table is always set


Families grow


Empty nesters find new tables to share

Gingerbread build-off

Holidays, memories and life happens around the table


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  1. Kate

    Feeling nastalgic? It makes me want to come home!

    March 21, 2013 at 1:58 am

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