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Welcome to Blue Antler Studio and our cabin on the ridge. It’s where I store my childhood memories. It’s where I go to be with family and friends and escape Florida's heat. It’s where I go to be inspired and gather with kindred spirits who are living life on the creative side. I may have sand in my shoes, but I have Kentucky clay in my soul.


Third Wave Café & Wine Bar

We have been so busy with bringing our vision for Third Wave  to fruition , that I have seriously neglected my posting.  However I has been  a great time, the project has been an amazing  outlet for my family’s creativity.  Hubby has created some of his best wood projects, the kids and I have had a blast designing the space and ambiance – we left the food up to the professional – Chef Bruno.

  third wave

  Third Wave

third wave cafe

Stop by the site and take a look around

Photo transfer on wood to personalize your corn hole boards

So many exciting changes going on in  life right now.  As I mentioned in my last couple of posts my family is currently knee-deep in the process of opening up a restaurant in our little sea-side community of New Smyrna Beach, FL.  My talented daughter and her  husband, who has just completed his commitment to the Air Force, have moved back to help with the project, as has my wondering adventurer of a son. AND hubby and I have recently become grandparents for the first time –  awesome!

And into the mix comes my son-in-laws thirtieth birthday. A thirtieth birthday is reason enough to celebrate, but now is also a great  time to honor his military service to our country. So in addition to all the packing and unpacking, meeting with restaurant consultants, architects, landscapers, city planning… we throw in a party – why not.

ben's 30th bday at TW

More about the party later but for now I’m focusing on the gift my daughter made for her hubby –  corn hole boards. If you haven’t heard of corn hole, which I can’t imagine, it’s a game where two teams try to toss  bean bags (or in this case a corn bags), from some distance,  through a small hole cut out of their competitors  board. But my purpose for telling you all this  is really  to share the how-to process for doing a photo transfer on wood to personalize your corn hole boards.

You can buy corn hole boards and bags or make your own as we did.

Supplies needed

Corn hole boards (plain unpainted)

Images printed on Laser printer (image reversed) using the lightest weight paper possible

Matte gel medium (in painting supplies at your craft store)

Paint brushes (foam or bristle, we preferred a 3″ foam)

Bone (crafting tool not body part), credit card or plastic scraper etc. (used to flatten and get the air out when you adhere the image)

Rags and a bucket of water

Matte polyurethane

Drop cloth – it’s go’na get messy

Now comes the fun!

If you plan to enlarge the image make sure it has a high-resolution so that the image does not pixellated when it is enlarged. The picture will be placed  face down so if it has words or objects that would be effected if they came out reversed, you will need to plan ahead and reverse the image before printing.  You will eventually be rubbing  the paper off the board so use as thin a paper as will print, we used 24lb).  I must be  printed on a laser printer. Make a couple of copies, just in case – trust me, we were glad we had extras.

Let’s get started.

Cutting as close to the edge as possible, cut out the image.corn hole, cutting out the image

Put a drop cloth down under your boards.

Most instructions will say to paint a thin layer of the matte gel medium on the right side of the image then carefully position it face down,  on the surface of the board. However making a corn personalized hole boards, applying mediumwe found that the paper would curl and was difficult to handle so we ended up painting a medium thick layer of gel directly on the wood then placed the image face-down on top of the gel, but this only works if you know exactly where you want the image.  Make sure to wipe away any exposed gel before it dries.

With a bone or a credit card or a plastic scraper (our preference was the scraper) carefully press the image, rub out all the air bubbles and make sure the edges are down. Gently wipe off any access gel.

corn hole, drying transferNow the hardest step – waiting!  For you patient types, the instructions call for you to wait  6-8 hours for the gel to completely dry.  But, I’m sad to say,  I’m NOT the patient type, so out came the hair dryer.

It’s time for some  messy. Get your bucket of water and towels. You want your towel to very damp but not wet, if you tried you could still ring a bit of water out – very damp. Put the very damp towel on the top of the transfer until it is completely soaked, you will see the paper change color and look more translucent; it may take a minute or two (if you are using a large image work a small area at a time, you’ll see why in the next step.

Ready for your workout? Once the image is saturated you will need to rub off the paper.  We alternated between using our fingers and using a wet rag making personalized corn hole boards, rubbing off paperwrapped around two fingers to gently, but firmly rub and rub and rub and rub the paper. Be extra careful along the edge not to rub off the image. Right away  the paper sloughs off, but look close and you’ll see teeny little fibers still clinging to the image – they have to go. This can take a while.

When all the fibers have been buffed away you will be ready for a break, so take one while the image completely dries. If any pesky little fuzzies are still around, you will see them as the image is dries, you can moisten the area again and rub some more.

Once all the fuzzies are gone and the image is completely dry apply a coat of matte polyurethane and you’re done.

jet corn hole board

I wish I could share some pictures of the party but I was  having so much fun I forgot to take them!






Third Wave, garden café and wine bar

The  gardens of Third Wave, garden café and wine bar

garden space for bean barley & vine NSB Fl eclectic mix of industrial, vintage, repurposed and organic

Collecting inspiration for the gardens of Third Wave, garden café and wine bar in NSB, Fl

Third Wave, garden cafe and wine bar

creating  a unique garden café and wine bar:

I love my crazy creative family; from my parents who instilled in my siblings and me the preciousness of family, to my brothers and sisters who share and encourage my  joy of creativity, to my children who continually remind me that life is an adventurous gift.  On that note I have an announcement… drum roll please… Hubby and I, along with the prodding.. umm I mean support, of our children are opening a  garden café and wine bar. Third Wave Café  will be  near the sea in our beloved NSB.

I am of course very excited about creating the design and atmosphere that will be the Third Wave and have started a creativity board for inspiration.

Inspiration for Inside the beach cottage where Third Wave, will serve up delicious coffee and crepes

Bean Barley & Vine, garden cafe and wine bar, NSB, FL

 French inspired café chair for industrial touch…

french cafe chairRepurposed furniture and paint…

teal  table base

Chalk boards (fun and unexpected uses)…

chalk board info board

A touch of vintage…

sofa (go girl shoppe)But updated with modern textile…

sofa fabric swatches

And some whimsy…

vintage flamingo vase mermaid face

Be sure to stop back by, I’ll be posting the crazy, creative process of bringing our vision of  Third Wave Café  to life.

Making hot sauce

Thanks to the fruits of my labor, or in this case the peppers, my pantry shelves are nicely stocked with delicious hot sauce.

hot peppers from the garden

Kathy’s Hot sauce recipe

pepper harvest

1 cup bell peppers (more bell peppers make a milder hot sauce, less makes a hotter sauce)
7 jalapeño, roasted and seeded
7 cayenne peppers, roasted and seeded
5 hot banana peppers, seeded
16 oz. tomato purée
1/2 yellow onion
1-2 cloves garlic
2 Tablespoon salt
6 Tablespoon cider vinegar
1 Tablespoon crushed red pepper flakes
heavy splash of bourbon
canning jars

protective wear (hot peppers are HOT)

Sterilize jars and lids
Halve and seed the jalapeño and cayenne then roast, skin up, until tender in a 350 degree oven
Seed the remaining peppers
Place all ingredients, except Bourbon, into a blender and blend until all large chunks are gone (add water sparingly if necessary for blending).
Bring to a simmer in a sauce pan stir in a healthy splash of bourbon and remove from heat.

Ladle hot sauce into hot sterile jars and place on lids (let stand undisturbed until cool and the lids have sealed.

jars of hot sauce




Sisters glamping weekend on the Ridge

After months of planning and countless yard sale outings in search of glamping supplies, we were finally  ready for our sisterhood glamping weekend on the Ridge.

sisters glamping weekend

Even through we had a one day rain delay, we quickly regrouped and with the help of my wonderful hubby and brother, and the inspiring spirits of the beautiful woman gathered, the weekend was an amazing sisterhood bonding and celebration extravaganza!

We began our sisters glamping weekend with breakfast at my mothers, breakfast wraps and fried sweet potatoes – yum!

breakfast and granny glampers

While we lingered around my mother’s table, the guys, hubby and brother, sat up our canopies and beds: my brother-in-laws also helped out with chopped fire wood and a full cistern  – we have some great guys on the ridge!

2 building camp

Then the glamping began!!!

6 glamping time

Sheers and colorful tablecloths became tent walls.

jane constructing her tent

Then right before our eyes a collection of unique glamping personalities formed in the kaleidoscope of color and texture as we styled our weekend homes.

13 glamping in red

11 bohemiem glamper

33 glamper

10 a Diana in her tent

8 janes tent 1

7 b glamping artist vibe

Over the course of the weekend we crafted, hiked, shared, dined, toasted, laughed, cried, sang and danced; strengthening our bonds of sisterhood.