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Spring Time: Lilac, Peonies, Redbuds and Yard Sales

Spring time: lilac, peonies, red-buds and yard sales.

yard sale finds, vintage candle holders and textile

Yard sale finds, vintage candle holders and textile


Spring time is one of my favorite seasons, OK it’s one of my   four faves, I can’t help it, there is something wonderful about each season.  But spring is about new beginnings and here on the Ridge it  is  perfumed with  lilacs and peonies; adorned  in a virgin green and flushing in the  bloom of red-bud trees. It  also heralds in a favorite  weekend activity –  the yard sale – have I mentioned my people are yard sale’rs. My dad often laments, “Yard sale’n is a disease and I guess I’ve given it to all my children.” But pull open any drawer in my  mom’s house and you’ll  find evidence of her  contribution to our yard-sale’n disorder, particularly when it comes to textiles.

This year my yard sale’n kicked off with  an estate sale.  At  seven forty five, on a very chilly Saturday morning,  my dad, my  sister and I were standing  in line outside of a three story, early 1900’s house . It was a liquidation of an estate of a grandmother; most of the nine children and several of the grandchildren were working the sale. The crowd was heavy with seasoned pickers and the competition  for the good stuff was stiff. Fortunately for me,  I am usually not in the market for the “good stuff”: I am, however, in the market for sweet, lovely stuff.  And on this day, among the crowd of elbows I managed to find some truly sweet,  lovely “stuff”.

yard sale find, vintage clothesline


yard sale find, vintage kitchen scale

Yard sale find, vintage kitchen scale


yard sale finds

Collection of yard sale finds


yard sale finds, collection of candle sticks

Yard sale finds, collection of candle sticks


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