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Refurbished table with a sweet coastal charm

gold-leaf starfish for refurbished table with a sweet coastal charm

Rescued from the trash, now this refurbished table has a sweet coastal charm.Refurbished table with a sweet coastal charm

This  little black table had sat on my mother’s porch for years and was in pretty sad shape.  The legs were wobbly, trim was falling off,  the table surface was rotted and one of the legs was sticking up through the top. But the form was so lovely and the paint had a great chippy appeal. So when she asked my dad to toss it out, I was there to catch and rescue it.

littly wobbly chippy black table to be refurbished

I wanted to keep the original top but it was just to far gone. Once I accepted that the top was too far gone, and hubby promised to help me create a new one,  I turned  my disappointment into a search for a creative solution.

making a new top for little shabby black table

I knew I wanted to keep the chippy character of the legs and shelf  so the new top would have to play well its shabby base. Ultimately I decided to add a little contrast, creamy white paint crackled over a blue base-coat.

cream white crackled over blue for refurbished table with a sweet coastal charm

 To marry the new top to the old base I added some of the same blue and white to the base but leaving evidence of the original black.

dry brushed blue and white over chippy black paint on refurbished table

Then for an extra twist I stitched a border of blue yarn around the top. Finally I applied a large, free-hand starfish in gold-leaf and the sad little table was transformed into a new charming table with a coastal vibe.

gold-leaf starfish for refurbished table with a sweet coastal charm

starfish table

With a little creativity and work, the sad little rescue table was transformed into a lovely, refurbished table with a sweet coastal charm.

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Antique headboard repurposed into a beautiful creativity-board

creativity board made from antique headboard

Antique headboard repurposed into a beautiful creativity-board.

 creativity board detail with business card

While cleaning out her barn my sister found a forgotten old headboard in the loft. She thought I might be able to find a new “repurpose” for it; she knows me well.  I have been wanting a creativity center for the studio; a place to display creative inspiration and project plans. A vague idea had been percolating in my mind; a message board, but on a grand scale. The dusty wooden headboard was the right scale and had a graceful form, perfect for my creativity board.

antique headboard repurposed into a creativity/message board

With the help of hubby the found headboard was redesigned into a useful, lovely focal point in the studio.

hubby cutting out plywood for creativity board

Here’s how we repurposed an antique headboard into a lovely creativity board.

Using the headboard as the  template we cut 1/4 inch plywood into a smaller version of the headboard by trimming four inches off the pattern all the way around.

tracing headboard for template

hubby helping with creativity board 2

I placed a layer of quilt batting over the plywood and held that in place with a layer of burlap which we held in place with staples on the back side of the plywood.

cotton layer of creativity board

burlap layer on creativity board

Next we covered it with a vintage chenille bedspread, again stapled to the back. Staples were also used to attach the cotton string, snuggly but not taut, that we crisscrossed across the front, over the chenille. Where  the strings crossed each other, I stapled the intersection down into the plywood, creating a tuft. Then the plywood was glued to the headboard, which had been painted a soft white.

vintage button on creativity board

We applied construction adhesive to the back of the plywood, carefully centered on the headboard and weighted it down for several hours. To add strength we added screws through the back of the headboard into the plywood (making sure they did not protrude out the front side of the plywood. I finished the project with buttons over the intersections of the string.

jar of vintage buttons

Now the creativity board, hangs in the studio, covered with creative possibilities.

creativity board made from antique headboard

headboard repurposed into creativity board

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Old Chair, New Look

Aren’t these lovely? One old chair, gets a new look with paint and vintage table clothe.

Old chairs to refurbish

I have to start by confessing that I am not an expert on upholstery, in fact I’ve never upholstered anything before.  I have made slip covers but never have I stripped naked a piece of furniture and re-clothed it in a new look – but there’s a first time for everything. So I started carefully  pulling off fabric.

striping down old chair to refurbish

I found old cotton/horse hair/straw stuffing, burlap, metal  upholstery grip-strips (my terminology, probably not the correct term) and springs inside of my old chair .

Inside of old chair to be refurbish

Stripping off the old was easy, deciding what the new would be was more difficult.

lovely collection of fabric

I’m kind’a vibing pom-poms.

lov'n pom-poms

Finally I decided on using a vintage tablecloth (a cutter one), a soft warm white paint and pom-poms.

old chair new look with paint and vintage tablecloth

Old chair, new look

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Lamp Love

vintage hankies repurposed into a lamp shape

Lamp love –

Lighting can create the mood but lamps can create the style!

Christmas In The Country Back-roads Auto Tour

christmas in country back-roads tour, just what i want display

Let the season begin with a Christmas in the country back-roads auto tour!

santa by kathryn t lundberg

This year I kicked off the Christmas season by helping my sister-in-law in her lovely little shop “Just What I Want”, in Grant’s Lick, Ky. She put together a fun event for the community and local businesses, “Christmas in the Country Auto Tour”.  The event was a wonderful success with a steady stream of holiday shoppers and revelers enjoying themselves despite the cold cloudy day. The stops included a seasonal open house run by a collection of crafty women, a specialty store, a small consignment mall and Just What I want, antiques, gifts and collectibles.  Visitors had a wonderful selection of handcrafted, home-baked and vintage gifts to pick from; they also enjoyed live music, wine tasting and even pictures with reindeer (mini horses wearing antlers).

christmas in country back-roads tour, just what i want display

christmas in country back-roads tour

christmas in country back-roads tour, seven wells wine tasting

From big cities,  small towns and country back-roads, it’s the time of year to get out and celebrate our local communities. For our little community the Christmas in the Country Auto Tour, was a wonderful success and, for me, a great way to kick off the Christmas season;  I’m already looking forward to next year’s tour.

christmas in country back-roads tour just what i want

Just What I Want

On Saturday, April 14 the little community of Grant’s Lick Ky was all abuzz. For months the residents of the area had watched as a couple of local entrepreneurs worked to transform a dilapidated old structure into a useable retail space. For as many years as anyone can remember, the old building has sat alongside the road slowly succumbing to neglect; but no more. While the proprietors decided to embrace the old mercantile for what it was and not erase its history with a major facelift, they did take measure to abate its decline.

quilt block on old windowThe doors were open at noon to a steady stream of excited customers, who had braved the frequent downpours, to finally get a chance to see the transformation. Even with the clouds and rain, the shop looked cheery and welcoming with the façade decked out with flowers, paintings, wall art painted on old window panes, rustic farm tools, buckets and more.


Once inside they found and eclectic array of antiques, gifts and collectibles…

just what i want an eclectic shop located in grants lick ky

old pine cabinet for sale at just what i want shop grant's lick ky


and a  loft boutique featuring gently used clothing, shoes and accessories.

I was there, as their visiting artist, demonstrating my wine glass paintings.

After wandering among the interesting selection of merchandise, customers were pleasantly surprised to discover a lovely secret garden nestled under the eaves of a large covered patio located behind the shop.


 The tiny community has whole heartedly embraced the new shop echoing the sentiment in the owner’s choice for its name –

“Just What I Want”

Just What I Want – antique, gift and collectibles; located 971 Kenton Station Rd, Grant’s Lick, Ky;; email – [email protected]

A Pin Cushion Made From Fabric Scraps and Vintage Dish

pin cushion made from vintage table cloth and white dish

pin cushion made from vintage table cloth and white dishVintage pin cushion

Recently I had a friend mention that she didn’t have a pin cushion so I thought I would take a few minutes and make one for her.  Since she loves the shabby chic style and has an affinity for old textiles, as do I,  I thought repurposed materials would fit her style aesthetic. Using a little milk glass dish, some scrap from a vintage table-cloth, a stocking and a hand-full of cedar shavings, I created this sweet, shabby chic pin cushion.

This is such a simple project and no sewing is required!

The supplies needed: Scissors, rubber band, a piece of yarn or string, old nylon stockings,  fine wood shavings (you could use cotton stuffing instead but I like the feel, the old fashion quality and aroma of  cedar shavings), some fabric and a small container like my milk glass dish or tea-cup. (construction adhesive optional)

supplies gathered to make pin cushion

Cut the fabric into a large circle; size will depend on the size of the dish, but a nine-inch diameter worked for my smallish container.

stocking used to make pin cushion

Cut the stocking six or so inches from the toe and stuff the toe with wood shavings until you have formed a ball large enough to fill the container and tie off the opening.

making the pin cushion

Place the stuffed stocking in the center of the fabric circle and wrap the fabric up and around the stocking ball, pull it taut and tie off tail using the rubber band. Tie off again using the string or yarn.

 making pin cushionfabric tied around filling of pin cushion

 Fan out the fabric;  smoothing and pulling it evenly back over the bottom of the ball. Wedge the ball into the container, a dab of good glue such as construction adhesive will hold it securely.

white dish used to make pin cushion

And you will have created a lovely little pin cushion

pin cushion made from vintage table cloth and white dish

Now gather up the supplies and surprise some special with a unique pin cushion.

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Architectural Salvage

My hubby and I recently attended a lovely, out-of-town wedding.  Since we were there for the weekend we had some time to spend with each other; and hubby surprised me with the perfect outing – a trip to an architectural salvage yard. It was a wonderful surprise and we had a great time: I even found a few treasures (imagine that).

archictectural salvage yard

After spending the morning digging through pieces and remnants of the past, we drove to the wedding with treasures poking out of the trunk, tied down with twine, and filling the back seat of my car.  We got a few stares, laughs and Beverly Hillbilly comments, but of course no one who knew us was surprised.

rusty metal candle sconce for garden accent

A rusty metal candle sconce. I think this will work great in my garden.

large paper dispenser

 I’ve needed a large paper roll dispenser at the studio for some time; now I have one.

amazing patina on old mirror

I love, love, love this old mirror; it has the most wonderful patina.

patina detail on old mirror

Here is a detail of the beautiful patina; see why I love it.

top of old wooden wheeled cartwheels for salvaged cart

And finally the most exciting find of all, an old (rotting), wooden  cart on wheels; well it’s not quit on wheels yet, but it will be once restored and then it will make a great coffee table in the cabin: So excited.

Our Booth Of Eclectic Home Furnishings And Collectables!

booth at renninger's extravaganza


booth at renninger's extravaganzaAfter a very long day our booth is ready and we are so pleased with the way it looks.  We had a lot of positive feedback and several sales offers. While our closest neighbor comes across a little abrasive at times, I think the elderly man and his wife are probably nicer than their first impression would indicate; we certainly hope so, but tomorrow we’ll have a stash of sangria on hand, just in case we need to calm our nerves and shore up our patience.

booth at renninger's extravaganza

Check back to hear how it goes.

The Brooklyn Flea

I have to admit that I have an addiction; flea markets, yard sales and auctions. They satisfy the junking gene I inherited from my dad. Now, for good or for bad, it seems I have passed it on to my own children, or at least to my girls. My son’s addiction is the outdoors and as he carries nearly all his worldly possessions around in his old Jeep Cherokee, it’s a good thing he doesn’t have the junking gene: although you’d never know by looking in the back of his jeep.

My daughter’s, however are a different story.Kate, peruses thrift stores and consignment shops looking for vintage jewelry and baubles to design her Love TT jewelry line. Cindy, my New Yorker, takes advantage of the Brooklyn tradition of recycling items by neatly placing them on the sidewalk, indicating they are free for the taking.  She has repurposed frames, prints, mirrors and books; all collected for free around her neighborhood. But her favorite haunt is the Brooklyn Flea,,  so she placed it at the top of our “must do” list during our recent visit; along with eating at more incredible restaurants in three short days, than was physically possible.

We set out for the market under an intensely blue sky and the morning light playing in the trees intensified the bright hues of autumn. The Brooklyn flea is just a short walk from the loft and soon we had joined fellow treasure hunters crowding the stalls and wandering hopefully among racks of vintage clothing, furniture, books and collectables.

The mood was as light and cheerful as the beautiful morning.  Flipping through a rack of seventy’s era clothing was like standing in my teenage closet and I was tempted to buy a crocheted poncho with fringe; but I resisted. We dug through old jewelry and vintage textiles; admired locally crafted Tee’s, cards and scarves; then we found our first must-have treasure; an old metal desk with three colors of peeling paint, dints, dings and enough cubbies to make it perfect for a studio. But my daughter claimed it first.

 Next her husband found some metal shelving to use as his man bar.

  And I didn’t leave empty-handed; an old shoe rack will make a cool wine rack!

I don’t know if it was the beautiful day, or the mood of the shoppers or the fact we had our truck in the city, but when we finally left the market, the bed of the pickup was full of  newly acquired treasures.

TT’s Barn

vintage finds

 Sense reference to my dad’s barn appears so often on this site, I want to share with you this special place in my life and take you along on a treasure hunt.

Weather I’m in search for a specific object or inspiration, I never leave disappointed.

Dad’s barn is a little like life; sometimes it’s filled with great stuff and sometimes it’s just full of stuff –  but much of the thrill is in the hunt.

Yet I must admit, there’s a lot of fun in finding!

While the cavernous space holds  many treasures, it also holds a lifetime of memories. As a child on the ridge I saw first hand what happens when a community comes together to help one another. Not only did friends and neighbors gather to help my dad raise the pole barn, but a few years later, after an injury left him unable to work, they came together yet again; to house his tobacco in the same barn they had helped build.

All sorts of treasures are sheltered in the old barn; many are eventually sold or shared with friends, some are on display in my home and some live permanently in my heart.