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Art Exhibit, NSB, FL

art exhibit at the nest new smyrna beach florida








My art exhibit at the Nest was wonderfully exciting with a great turnout by the community.  There was lively entertainment, interesting wines and, of course, art to enjoy and purchase ( several paintings were sold).  I want to thank my friends and supporters for participating in the evening, I couldn’t have done it without you and I sincerely hope you had as much fun as did I.

Art exhibit at Nest NSB







Art exhibit Nest,NSB 2-15-13







Art exhibit at Nest NSB







Kathryn T Lundberg Painting Exhibition at The Nest, NSB

Painting exhibition, Art and Wine at The Nest, NSB, FL

Painting, Storm coming over Florida wet land, acrylic on canavas

I have exciting news for all my friends and lovers of art, wine and beer; there is a painting exhibition featuring my work in the sweet little beach  town of New Smyrna Beach, FL. My paintings will be exhibited February 15 at the Nest. . The show opening will coincide with a wine tasting event hosted by the Nest.

The Nest is a wonderful boutique housed in a compound of historic buildings and featuring an eclectic mix of unique new, vintage, collectible and hand crafted home furnishings and décor – and (this is the really fun part) – a lovely collection of wines by the glass and select micro brews. You can sip your wine or beer sitting at the bar nestled in the interior of the shop or take your drink outside to the beautiful courtyard, featuring impressive water and fire features.

I am excited and I’m looking forward to the event.  It should be lots of fun; wine tasting, live entertainment, light hors d’oeuvres and (tooting my own horn here) some beautiful paintings; all in a lovely garden setting.



My Time By The Sea

florida river-side cottage, painting acrylic on canvas

path to the beach

While I am excited to soon be headed back to the ridge, Blue Antler Studio and  the creativity that will inevitably spring from the gatherings with my family and fellow creative kindred spirits; I have immensely enjoyed my time here at the sea’s edge. It has been very rewarding both in creativity and in simple joy.

I’ve painted…

playing at the shore, painting, acrylic on canvas

florida Lake, painting, acrylic on canvas

florida river-side cottage, painting acrylic on canvas

click here to see more paintings

I’ve been inspired by the endless moods of the Atlantic and its passionate dance with the shore.

dramatic sunrise over the atlantic

dramatic skies over the sea

ominousness skies over the ocean

lightening over the atlantic

blue-green waters of the atlantic

And Hubby and I finally made time to tackle some of the projects we’ve wanted to complete. Beginning with the amazing Brooklyn Flea Market find that we purchased during our last trip to visit our daughter and her hubby in NYC. The moment I spotted the old shoe factory cart, with its warm, worn patina and small industrial wheels, in my mind’s eye it was already sitting in my small beach-side kitchen with beautiful bottles of wine resting on its racks; and now…

vintage, shoe factory rack found at brooklyn flea

 that’s exactly where it resides.

old shoe rack repurposed into wine rack

I think all this creativity is worthy of a toast; umm? which bottle to choose?

shypoke wine, calistoga, CA

Cheers to the sea, the ridge, creativity and simple joy!


It’s Just The Way Some Days Go

I’m on another painting retreat by the ocean; after all, I had a wonderfully creative and productive experience during my earlier retreat.  This time however, has been a bit more frustrating. For my first painting I chose to attempt something a little different, but after a few days of struggling to get it right,  I decided to set it aside – let it percolate in my mind for a while.

pelicans on a dock

Pelicans on a dock, acrylic on canvas board (it’s almost right)

 grabbing a fresh canvas I stared a new painting.

guy netting for bait fish

Netting bait-fish, acrylic on canvas (there will eventually be a net in this guy’s hands)

But once again I find myself struggling with the same ole’ frustrations; scale, perspective, color and composition. I guess that’s just the way some days go, so with a beach towel tucked under my arm and a glass of wine in my hand, I’m off to clear my head and refresh my creativity; an easy task with the ocean just fifty-two steps from the door.

fifty-two steps to the water's edge

Fifty-two steps to the water’s edge

I’ll keep you posted.

Florida Keys Inspired

pelicans on the docks

Recently, hubby and I decided to take a, spur-of-the-moment, drive down to the Florida Keys. It was a couple of days of tropical drinks, relaxation and inspiration. The unique and beautiful relationship between land, light and water  in the keys is truly inspiring.

 florida keys


Here is  my first attempt to capture the inspiring beauty of the Florida Keys on canvas

wading in the clear waters of the fl keys

Wading In The Clear Waters Of The Florida Keys, acrylic on canvas

It’s In The Frame

reclaimed pecky cypress frame

Using reclaimed pecky cypress, hubby constructed this beautiful frame for my painting of the fishing pier.reclaimed pecky cypress frame

Painting retreat

fishing the pier

For the  past few weeks I have been on a solo painting retreat at the ocean’s edge;  here are the results of my creative efforts.

Storm blowing over Florida wetlands, acrylic on canvas


Stormy day over Florida wetlands, acrylic on canvas


Locals fishing off a pier on a Florida river, acrylic on canvas


Old Florida along the banks of a gulf coast river, acrylic on canvas


Repurposed, Refinished, Created and Found Treasures

Today I loaded up the truck (well hubby loaded it for me) with treasures I’ve been working on for months.  Lisa and I are now in the process of collecting together our merchandise for the extravaganza coming up a week from today.  It’s exciting to see the collection of repurposed, refinished, created and found treasures finally all together and we are very pleased with our eclectic mix of treasures.

Here’s a sneak peek.

Collection of pretty tins. 

Refurbished antique bed, tractor seat stool, quilt crafts.

indian River painting, acrylic on woodOriginal painting of Intracoastal Waterway, acrylic on canvas.

 Vintage quilt remnant pillows and end table cube on wheels.

Lamp shade made from vintage hankiesLamp shade made from vintage hankies.

 Old tractor seat stool.

elephant ears, acrylic on canvasOriginal painting of elephant ears, acrylic on canvas.

  Lamp shade made with vintage post cards, chenille room divider and refurbished rocker.

Oil Painting Portrait of a Mama Mia Celebration

With all the excitement of the latest wedding, the first anniversary of Kate and Ben quietly came and went.  However it did not go uncelebrated.  My gift to them was a bottle of beautiful Shypoke wine and a portrait of the joyful celebration of their Mama Mia wedding in oil on canvas.

 During a paint-out gathering at Blue Antler Studio I decided to paint a portrait in oils for the first time in many many years.  I am pleased with the results and hope that my daughter and her husband are as well.

Even more generous was the gift of one of my precious bottles of Shypoke wine.  While on an Alaskan cruise to celebrate our twentieth anniversary, my husband and I met the proprietors of a family vineyard located in California wine country. We have since followed the growth of the small family run enterprise as it developed it’s own collection of truly wonderful wine.  I was fortunate enough to visit the family vineyard on a trip through wine country a few years back and they generously shared some of their wine with me – I became a fan and consumer at first taste!

“The best wine either of us has ever tasted.”  Kate and Ben on their first anniversary.

Thankful Celebration


Homecoming embrace!

Departing kiss, 210 days earlier, before deploying to Afghanistan

It is a time of thankful celebration here at Blue Antler Studio.  One of our own has returned safely home after a tour of duty in Afghanistan. At four AM, my brave son-in-law stepped onto the tarmac at Seymour Johnson and into the waiting arms of his brave young wife. After spending more time apart in service to their country than together, since their beautiful May wedding, it is finally their time, God bless them both.

Yet even as we celebrate the safe return of one, we are aware of the sacrifices of others. Lisa’s husband is the founder of the non-profit organization, Wounded Warrior Outdoors This past week we were honored to participate in one of the sponsored trips, as WWO took several recovering soldiers on a fishing adventure on the west coast of FL.  The participants came from both Walter Reed Hospital in the east and Balboa Hospital in the west; all struggling through serious injuries and all so very young.

At a reception dinner on the eve of the trip, sponsors and volunteers met and mingled with relatively subdued participants, it was my first glimpse of just how amazing our young American heroes really are. Only a few days later, at the farewell dinner, we once again gathered together. This time the guys were anything but subdued as they joked with their new friends like they were old ones, swapping stories of fishing, gators,personal tragedy and perseverance.

They had come together as strangers, connected only by their tragic injuries but it seemed to me they would depart as friends, united not just by the challenges they would continue to face, but the healing adventure they had just shared.

Thank you to all who bravely serve or have served our country. And thank you to all who are dedicated to serving our returning heroes. We thankfully celebrate your dedication.


Crafts of Blue Antler Studio and Rocky Round

I am often asked if the rest of my family is also artistic and while no one else has pursued the academics of art or a profession in the field, they are indeed a creative bunch.  Fortunately for me I come from, and grew up surrounded by, people that interject creativity into daily life.  Our beds are covered with intricate handmade quilts, our cupboards filled with golden jars of homegrown sorghum and maple syrup and our homes decorated with all manner of handmade folk art, all inspired by the need to create.

This desire, however, is not unique to me, to my family, my community or my generation. It is a desire spanning the entire experience of humanity, from ancient paintings found on cave walls in France to the mixed media of found objects hanging in my daughters Brooklyn apartment.  Creativity defines the human spirit.

k (more…)