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Making a Terrarium

looking into a tall terrarium

looking into a tall terrariumwine jug terrariumAs the wedding day approaches we are in the process of making final decisions, and believe me it is a process.  But a  lot has been decided; lighting, green and golden twinkle lights strung everywhere, enchanting; drinks,water, tea, lemonade, beer and sangria, my special recipe; menu, an old fashioned pot luck style grill out, yum and fun! How many tables and where they will be placed, done, but what to dress them with is still in its creative evolution.

Both my daughters, like their mother I’m afraid, have very eclectic styles, which from time to time complicates things.  They love urban minimalism with its steel and concrete, but the Rocky Round sensibility with earthy and weathered elements like aged wood, worn stone and greenery lives in our hearts.  Then with the wedding we also have an unexpected bling vibe. I’m not complaining; the search for just the right table dressing has been a creative adventure, and a lot of fun. 

We experiment with ideas knowing that most won’t make it into the wedding and some won’t even make it past the brainstorming stage, but the really great ones, like this one will live on in one way or another.  I loved it from the moment I received the phone call.  Our excited bride-to-be was standing in front of a Manhattan store window, breathlessly describing a beautiful jar filled with pebbles, dirt, moss and feathery ferns. A terrarium! In an instant I was transported back to the early seventies; maxi skirts, head bandannas, Roman sandals and my first self-contained environment in a jar.

Searching through memories shadowed in time, I pieced together a vague plan on how I would put together a terrarium. Then, dressed in a flowy hippie blouse, I headed out to purchase supplies.  What a trip – down memory lane, of course- this project has become.

You can read how I made my tarrarium by clicking on” read more” below the slide show or go to “Arts and craft projects” on the side bar.