The 4th of July from a Brooklyn roof top

The 4th of July from a Brooklyn roof top:

the 4th from a rooftop in brooklyn


This 4th of July I spent a week  in Brooklyn with my daughter (a soon to be mother) and her husband.  We  spent the first few days of my stay  making their lovely  apartment ready for the arrival of their baby boy.


The 4th from a Brooklyn roof top


Phase one of our efforts was to move the bed into the living room – loft style.  The apartment would be a true loft, with open living, dining and kitchen space, twelve-foot ceilings, wall of windows, and reclaimed wood floors except for the odd partition added to boost it into the one bedroom rental bracket.  We then divided the partitioned space with part of it being designated closet/dressing area and the rest set up for the baby.


The 4th from a Brooklyn roof top

4th from a brookly rooftop


Then we moved on to  completing the  little odds and end jobs that tend to get put off until such an occasion as a nesting  mother-to-be: hanging mirrors and pictures, re-potting plants, cleaning baseboard  and organizing storage.


The 4th from a Brooklyn roof top

4th from a brooklyn rooftop

the 4th from a brooklyn rooftop


Little Rocco pup knows something’s up.


4th from a brooklyn rooftop



But not to worry, we  made room on our to-do list for  dining at amazing restaurants, shopping in Manhattan and visiting the Brooklyn flea, where I purchased this fabulous bag by Ryan Greer of flux productions,


the 4th from a brooklyn rooftop


and of course, fireworks over Manhattan – the 4th from a Brooklyn roof-top.


the 4th from a brooklyn rooftop

the 4th from a brooklyn rooftop



4th from a brookly rooftop

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Back to Basics by Baking Basic Bread

Back to basics by baking basic bread:

I hope you had a wonderful Easter, we certainly did.  Hubby and I celebrated the day of hope and promise  with our son, who is visiting for a short time before  heading off on yet  another adventure somewhere in the world.  We watched the sunrise over the ocean then later dined outside to the sound of the waves and  cooled by  a light ocean breeze.  We spent the day together as we prepared our meal as a team, hubby on the grill, me at the oven and my sweet boy  preparing the alfresco dinning area.

For some time I have been thinking about doing some bread baking, I use to enjoy baking  bread but years of  anti-carb rhetoric had taken away some of the joy; even though  bread baking is perhaps one of the oldest  life-sustaining traditions the world over.  Then a few days ago I was  visiting a favorite blog and came across a bread recipe that resonated with me. Diana Bauman over at Humble Kitchen (you can find the link on my home page under kindred spirits) shared a recipe she described as “Simple European Style Everyday Bread” –  with a title like that, who  could  resist! So for Easter dinner I prepared this beautiful, and beautifully simple, bread for my family. Inspired by the tradition and simplicity of the bread I also decided to make some home-made butter; another super simple process.

Later we gave thanks and shared our Easter  meal together on the porch and dined on steak grilled on Himalayan salt blocks, asparagus casserole, baked potatoes, warm-from-the-oven home-baked bread and freshly churned (blended) creamy white butter – yum!

Home made butter and home baked bread

Get back to basics by baking basic bread.

Making butter in my Ninja blender: Pour a pint of heavy whipping cream and a pinch of salt into a blender or food processor (I used a ninja blender) Blend until a solid clump forms and separates from the liquid (butter milk). I stopped the blending several time to push the whipped cream down into the blades; this process took several minutes.  Strain the clump through cheese cloth, shape (I used a small bowl to shape my butter into a mound but it can also be shaped into a log and gently wrapped in wax paper.  Keep  refrigerated.

 “Simple European Style Everyday Bread”    –




Collecting Moments

Collecting moments

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, we certainly did. Our cabin on the ridge was overflowing with Christmas spirit, family, friends and joy. After months of renovating the studio loft into a guest room; the  modest kitchen into my dream kitchen; and assembling enough beds and linens to accommodate an extra ten plus guests, we were finally ready to celebrate; and celebrate we did!
Cabin Christmas 2012
 I had intended to share the holiday activities and festivities with you, but I got so caught up in the moment, the season and our guests that I didn’t even pick up my computer. Before I knew it, the days of my impromptu sabbatical had passed and it was time to say good-bye to our guests, the season and 2012.
Gingerbread build-off
Today, with the moments of the season and of the past year nestled in my memories and the promise of new ones stretching into the new year, I’m inspired to make this new years challenge: seek-out,  live-in and capture the big and small, planned and unexpected moments of 2013;   So begins “A Year of collecting moments!
pappy van winkle arrives at the cabin
# 1- Gathered around a bonfire with dear friends of twenty-five+ years to
 say good-bye to one year and welcome in another. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Friends around bonfire


Christmas Ornament Exchange

Hand painted, glass, Christmas ornaments.

I love Christmas time.  Spiritually the season renews hope. Socially it revives much of humanity’s focus on peace and love.  For us creative spirits the season inspires the very act of creativity.   And finally I love the traditions: lights and decorations; Christmas trees, cookies, cards and caroling; making, giving and receiving gifts; and of course gathering together in celebration with family and friends .

christmas lights display

Last night many of favorite things about the season came together with an amazing menagerie of woman gathering for our annual Christmas ornament exchange. This get-together with my girlfriends is one of many gatherings and I look forward to it each year.  It has become my tradition to personally create the ornament I take for the exchange, and this year I was particularly pleased with my creation – a hand-painted glass globe depicting a manger scene.

christmas ornament hand painted manger scene

Other examples of my painted ornaments

hand painted glass christmas ornament folk art cabin scene

christmas ornament  hand painted glass, wedding dance

christmas ornament hand painted glass, kate in positano

christmas ornament, hand painted, tree hunt

christmas ornament, hand painted wedding dance

christmas ornament hand painted wedding dance

Christmas In The Country Back-roads Auto Tour

Let the season begin with a Christmas in the country back-roads auto tour!

santa by kathryn t lundberg

This year I kicked off the Christmas season by helping my sister-in-law in her lovely little shop “Just What I Want”, in Grant’s Lick, Ky. She put together a fun event for the community and local businesses, “Christmas in the Country Auto Tour”.  The event was a wonderful success with a steady stream of holiday shoppers and revelers enjoying themselves despite the cold cloudy day. The stops included a seasonal open house run by a collection of crafty women, a specialty store, a small consignment mall and Just What I want, antiques, gifts and collectibles.  Visitors had a wonderful selection of handcrafted, home-baked and vintage gifts to pick from; they also enjoyed live music, wine tasting and even pictures with reindeer (mini horses wearing antlers).

christmas in country back-roads tour, just what i want display

christmas in country back-roads tour

christmas in country back-roads tour, seven wells wine tasting

From big cities,  small towns and country back-roads, it’s the time of year to get out and celebrate our local communities. For our little community the Christmas in the Country Auto Tour, was a wonderful success and, for me, a great way to kick off the Christmas season;  I’m already looking forward to next year’s tour.

christmas in country back-roads tour just what i want