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Sisters glamping weekend on the Ridge

After months of planning and countless yard sale outings in search of glamping supplies, we were finally  ready for our sisterhood glamping weekend on the Ridge.

sisters glamping weekend

Even through we had a one day rain delay, we quickly regrouped and with the help of my wonderful hubby and brother, and the inspiring spirits of the beautiful woman gathered, the weekend was an amazing sisterhood bonding and celebration extravaganza!

We began our sisters glamping weekend with breakfast at my mothers, breakfast wraps and fried sweet potatoes – yum!

breakfast and granny glampers

While we lingered around my mother’s table, the guys, hubby and brother, sat up our canopies and beds: my brother-in-laws also helped out with chopped fire wood and a full cistern  – we have some great guys on the ridge!

2 building camp

Then the glamping began!!!

6 glamping time

Sheers and colorful tablecloths became tent walls.

jane constructing her tent

Then right before our eyes a collection of unique glamping personalities formed in the kaleidoscope of color and texture as we styled our weekend homes.

13 glamping in red

11 bohemiem glamper

33 glamper

10 a Diana in her tent

8 janes tent 1

7 b glamping artist vibe

Over the course of the weekend we crafted, hiked, shared, dined, toasted, laughed, cried, sang and danced; strengthening our bonds of sisterhood.

replanting my perennial garden

Replanting my perennial garden.


If I could have  ordered up a perfect spring it would have looked and felt a lot like this one.  Actually, I can’t remember  a more perfect  spring season.  We have had cool to moderate temps, plenty of rain yet  enough dry time for  planting – which makes for very happy gardens.  It has been ideal for replanting my perennial garden starting with the flower  bed between the cabin and my studio, which had been pretty much  destroyed by deer and the recent repairs and remodeling and work on the courtyard. But now it is the  home to happy salvia, English lavender, penstemon ‘ red riding hood’, pink abelia, lantana, delphinium and coreopsis.

replanting my perennial garden


Deck with twisted vine rail and garvel courtyard

Gravel path between cabins

After stocking up on annuls at several  local green houses I  repurposed found objects like old wood crates, tin cans, gourds, a decaying bird house and even a rotting log into  planters for my porch.

Spring planters for the cabin porch

tomato can planter

gourd and birdhouse planters

Soon to come during this near-perfect spring –  a  new blackberry patch and tomato and pepper garden.

I love springtime!

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Glamping – It’s a Girl Thing

Glamping – it’s a girl thing and it is coming to the ridge!  I’m hosting  a clamping weekend this fall for  my sisters and the planning is already underway. There will be  activities like bread baking, hiking, crafting, outdoor chick-flicks (Mama Mia, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, How to Make an American Quilt- suggestions welcomed) a vineyard picnic, or maybe a trip to the orchard,  campfires and of course glamping up our tents. This weekend sister Edna (my sister not a” Sister sister”) came by to help me on a trial tent glamp-up.


While it’s a must that our glamping accommodations be fabulous, here on the ridge we glamp on the cheap.  To that end,  our yard sale treasures this spring have been heavy on the glamping theme with lovely textiles, accessories and furnishings suitable for making  our tents, which will be pop-ups and picnic tents, fabulously  glamorous. With sister Enda’s pop-up tent and the yard sale’n inventory of lovely stuff, we put together a space that is the essence of glamor + camping.

glamping set-up

Sis arrived with her pop-up tent and a vision of  a filmy, white, shabby chic space; which I love, however I was feeling  a bit more color. As it turned out,  her tent was blue and we had only enough white sheers for three walls, so entered my colorful tablecloths and a touch of  bohemian; the marriage of our visions resulted in  a glorious space with a wonderful vibe.

fabulous glamping tent

The day was windy and we often found ourselves engulfed in a flowy mass of white, billowing in the breeze; so we anchored the bottom of the fabric by threading a string through the hems and securing the string under the stakes at each tent pole.

glamping on the ridge

Then we invited the rest of the sisters out for a preview…

glamping sisters (3)

and a few treats.

glamping eats

glamping sisters

I’m LOVE’N it!

I'm glamping

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Glamping by MaryJane

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Back to Basics by Baking Basic Bread

Back to basics by baking basic bread:

I hope you had a wonderful Easter, we certainly did.  Hubby and I celebrated the day of hope and promise  with our son, who is visiting for a short time before  heading off on yet  another adventure somewhere in the world.  We watched the sunrise over the ocean then later dined outside to the sound of the waves and  cooled by  a light ocean breeze.  We spent the day together as we prepared our meal as a team, hubby on the grill, me at the oven and my sweet boy  preparing the alfresco dinning area.

For some time I have been thinking about doing some bread baking, I use to enjoy baking  bread but years of  anti-carb rhetoric had taken away some of the joy; even though  bread baking is perhaps one of the oldest  life-sustaining traditions the world over.  Then a few days ago I was  visiting a favorite blog and came across a bread recipe that resonated with me. Diana Bauman over at Humble Kitchen (you can find the link on my home page under kindred spirits) shared a recipe she described as “Simple European Style Everyday Bread” –  with a title like that, who  could  resist! So for Easter dinner I prepared this beautiful, and beautifully simple, bread for my family. Inspired by the tradition and simplicity of the bread I also decided to make some home-made butter; another super simple process.

Later we gave thanks and shared our Easter  meal together on the porch and dined on steak grilled on Himalayan salt blocks, asparagus casserole, baked potatoes, warm-from-the-oven home-baked bread and freshly churned (blended) creamy white butter – yum!

Home made butter and home baked bread

Get back to basics by baking basic bread.

Making butter in my Ninja blender: Pour a pint of heavy whipping cream and a pinch of salt into a blender or food processor (I used a ninja blender) Blend until a solid clump forms and separates from the liquid (butter milk). I stopped the blending several time to push the whipped cream down into the blades; this process took several minutes.  Strain the clump through cheese cloth, shape (I used a small bowl to shape my butter into a mound but it can also be shaped into a log and gently wrapped in wax paper.  Keep  refrigerated.

 “Simple European Style Everyday Bread”    –




Moments Gathered Around the Table

Moments gathered around the table nourish more than the body.

grandma T and Kate making dumplings

Skills and traditions are passed on, around the table

wedding setup

We gather around the table to celebrate joyful occasions


wedding banquet tables

wedding banquet tables

GrandpaTfeedingbabyKate 001

Generations bond around the table

a moment in costa rica

Friends travel to far away places to gather and party

farm tour end

Sisters gather to share laughter, food and wine

around a farm table

Memories are shared around the table


New traditions begin around the table


Mom’s table is always set


Families grow


Empty nesters find new tables to share

Gingerbread build-off

Holidays, memories and life happens around the table


Proud Moment, American Heroes

american heroes

My American heroes

This is an office with a view

Art Exhibit, NSB, FL

art exhibit at the nest new smyrna beach florida








My art exhibit at the Nest was wonderfully exciting with a great turnout by the community.  There was lively entertainment, interesting wines and, of course, art to enjoy and purchase ( several paintings were sold).  I want to thank my friends and supporters for participating in the evening, I couldn’t have done it without you and I sincerely hope you had as much fun as did I.

Art exhibit at Nest NSB







Art exhibit Nest,NSB 2-15-13







Art exhibit at Nest NSB







Collecting Moments

Cabin Christmas 2012

Collecting moments

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, we certainly did. Our cabin on the ridge was overflowing with Christmas spirit, family, friends and joy. After months of renovating the studio loft into a guest room; the  modest kitchen into my dream kitchen; and assembling enough beds and linens to accommodate an extra ten plus guests, we were finally ready to celebrate; and celebrate we did!
Cabin Christmas 2012
 I had intended to share the holiday activities and festivities with you, but I got so caught up in the moment, the season and our guests that I didn’t even pick up my computer. Before I knew it, the days of my impromptu sabbatical had passed and it was time to say good-bye to our guests, the season and 2012.
Gingerbread build-off
Today, with the moments of the season and of the past year nestled in my memories and the promise of new ones stretching into the new year, I’m inspired to make this new years challenge: seek-out,  live-in and capture the big and small, planned and unexpected moments of 2013;   So begins “A Year of collecting moments!
pappy van winkle arrives at the cabin
# 1- Gathered around a bonfire with dear friends of twenty-five+ years to
 say good-bye to one year and welcome in another. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Friends around bonfire


Life on the Creative Side: A South American Travel Adventure

Nate's US bike trip 2009

Living life on the creative side takes as many different paths as there are creative people traveling them. At Blue Antler Studio creativity is celebrated  in everything from food and gardening to art, crafting and sewing; from woodworking to up-cycling old things: and  from gatherings to  travel  – and now I am excited to share a great new  travel blog – from a seat with a view – a South American travel adventure.

Meet Nate, my baby boy…

nate rock climbing

OK he’s really an independent twenty-two year old man, but to me he will always be my sweet baby bean (born several weeks premature and under 4 lbs, he was no bigger than a bean).

Although still a young man, Nate and his buddy Caleb have inspired me to expand my perspective of  life on the creative side and now you can be inspired by them as well.

nate and caleb in california

After graduating from high school these two childhood friends decided to shake things up, to challenge themselves to live outside the common place, to seek out and live more creative, rewarding lives. Travel would be the vehicle; but  with limited finances they had to get creative: the solution – a journey across the country, unsupported, on their bicycles. Along the way they made new friends,  great memories and the promise to live their best lives.

Nate's US bike trip 2009, prelude to south american travel adventure 2012

Sleeping under the stars, an occasional bridge, in hammocks, tents and now and then the home of someone willing to take them in, they spent three months exploring the US and its diverse and generous people; they were hooked. So after graduating from Auburn University, Nate headed off to Alaska where he worked as a naturalist and guide,

nate in alaska 2012 earning money for south american travel

while Caleb took a job as a bike courier and parks employee to earn money for the next adventure – biking through South America! Their adventure, and my anxiety (I can’t help it, I’m a mom), begins November 8, 2012 when they fly to Quito Ecuador. Click over to their blog from a seat with a view where you can see some great pics of their first trip and follow them  as they embark on their great South American travel adventure.

A Trip To The Orchard: one of our favorite fall activities

apples at reed valley orchard

With a new crispness in the air and leaves blushing hints of colors to come, it’s time for one of our favorite fall activities.

apples at reed valley orchard

This is the season of pumpkin patches, fall festivals and, for hubby and I, a trip to Reed Valley Orchard. The family run orchard is situated at the end of a gravel road that meanders along a lovely little creek and through gently rolling hills and pastures of bluegrass. On the scenic road to reed valley orchard, one of our favorite fall activities

Nestled between Paris and Cynthiana Kentucky in a particularly scenic region of the bluegrass state populated by magnificent horse farms and historic stone fences,  Reed Valley Orchard boasts 3000 trees of numerous varieties including apples, peaches, pears as well as various berries. Scenic drive along Kentucky's bluegrass region back-roads reed valley orchard one of our favorite fall activities

They sell their produce along with baked goods, canned goods and gifts in the country store. store at reed valley orchard

You can purchase bags of fruit…

large bag of mixed apples purchased at reed valley orchard

apples at reed valley orchard

or grab a wagon and wander through the groves picking the fruit yourself.

Apple picking wagons for you pick at Reed Valley Orchard fall activities picking apples at reed apple orchard one of our favorite fall activities

Hubby and I purchased apple cider, peach nectar and a bag of mixed apples we’ll be drying; minus of course the ones that ended up in yesterday’s apple pie. For more information about Reed Valley Orchard check out their website or find an orchard, pumpkin patch or corn maze near you; it may just become one of your favorite fall activities.

more resources:

Take It Outside: outdoors dining

food, toasting to dinning outside

On these lovely last days of summer, one of my favorite activities is outdoors dining.

great food and wine and outdoors dining

The season brings an abundance of fresh produce, inspiring causal alfresco meals.  During a visit to the beach an Italian friend  introduced us to dolce vita, preparing an easy delicious meal that our families took together under the seaside arbor. While Roberto didn’t measure ingredients, I have roughly estimated quantities so I can share this wonderful dish with you and your family, but by all means take liberty with the recipe to suit your tastes.  This has become a family favorite, it’s so simple and so good-especially with tomatoes and basil fresh from the garden.

Roberto’s Spaghetti:

roberto Spaghetti Food

½ box Spaghetti cooked al dente
While spaghetti is cooking mix the following together in a large shallow bowl
1 ½ cups Fresh mozzarella cheese (I prefer water packed if available) chopped into 1 inch cubes.
4 large tomatoes cut into 1 inch cubes
½ – ¾    cup olive oil
2 teaspoon Salt or to taste
Fresh basil torn or cut into rustic pieces

Strain spaghetti and mix into tomato mozzarella mixture serve immediately with hearty rustic bread, some olive oil, balsamic vinegar and Parmesan cheese for dipping. Throw together a simple spinach salad, great for outdoors dining.

Food, Roberto spaghetti perfect for outdoors dining

My brother and sister-in-law are pros at embracing dolce vita. They have created an amazing shelter, tucked into the trees at the edge of their yard, for gatherings that always seem to involve delicious food. A favorite shelter activity is grilling personal pizzas.

Super Easy Grilled Pizza:

pizza on the grill for outdoors dining

Pre-made Naan bread lightly coated with olive oil and grill until lightly browned (homemade or purchased pizza dough can also be used)

Toppings of your choice.  Pre-cut, sliced or shredded tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, peppers, pineapples, pepperoni, ham, beef, sauce, cheeses…

Let your guest top the grilled naan bread buffet style,  then place the pizza back on the grill to heat, blend the flavors and melt the cheese. So easy and soooo yummy!

food outdoors grilling pizza

So before summer fades, gather up some loved ones, grab some great food and take it outside for some outdoors dining!

Happy Mother’s Day

I have been so blessed throughout my life to be surrounded by amazing women;mothers, grandmothers, surrogate mothers and yet to be mothers. As a girl, my image of what it meant to be a woman was formed by wise, kind, strong woman. The mothers all around our small rural community were  mothers to all the neighborhood kids.  Grandmothers and aunts  barely distinguished between their own  and the extra kids that were always around and under-foot.

My beautiful grandmas; Grandma Jane and Grandma Edna

 I count my mom and sisters among my greatest blessings…

 and my daughters, along with my sweet son, are God’s greatest gifts to me.

Girlfriends are priceless; and mine, like my sisters, are wonderfully CRAZY!

So to women everywhere, past, present and yet to be – Happy Mother’s Day and God bless.

Bath time in grandma’s sink

My mom and sister


Me with my lovely daughters

Happy Easter

easter sunrise over the ocean

Today is a good day to give thanks for the power of hope and forgiveness!

easter sunrise over the ocean


Rebuilding My Jewlery Collection


Not too long ago I came home, after a weekend away, to find glass scattered across the kitchen floor. While we were out, someone had broken into our home. It was a crime of opportunity; we had forgotten to stop the paper delivery and our neighbors, who would usually pick them up for us, were also gone, so a pile of papers had collected in the driveway. The house was not trashed and the monetary loss wasn’t high, however my jewelry, not particularly valuable but rich with memories and sentiment, was for me a great loss.

 But then from the loss came something beautiful. A few days after the theft a package arrived at my door; inside a pair of blinging earrings and a ring  and this note from my daughter…

note with gift of jewlery from my daughter

 It was a thoughtful sweet surprise, but there was more to come…

That afternoon I found a package waiting at my door; inside a crazy fun necklace and a note from a friend.










Then another friend knocked on my door baring more surprises. It was then I learned of the lovely gesture, devised by my two beautiful daughters,with the amazing  group of women I call friends as their conspirators.

 Dear All,

As you may have heard, our parent’s house  was broken into
over the past weekend. Thankfully no one was hurt and there was not
much property damage. Unfortunately the thieves had a clear idea of
what they were looking for, and along with the tv, our mom’s jewelry
box was stolen. While the monetary value of the jewelry is certainly a
factor, the biggest loss are her necklaces, earring, rings, and
bracelets collected over a lifetime. Her collection ranged from a ring
given to her by our grandmother when she was thirteen, to her high
school class ring, to the glass jewelry she purchased on her trip to
Italy, to the bracelet our dad gave her on Kate’s wedding day. These
special pieces are the largest loss.

As you can imagine, she is feeling disheartened over the break in and
the loss of her lifelong collection. In an effort to cheer her up, we
are requesting a small favor of you. We kindly ask you to look through
your jewelry collection. If you have any pieces that you no longer
wear (or have ever worn!) and can easily part with, please send your
surplus jewelry with a note to my mom. Please do not send anything
that has any monetary or sentimental value! The idea is to help her
build her collection from the bottom up- inexpensive plastic earrings,
old bangle bracelets, anything that you no longer have use for. If you
are unable to participate, we of course understand, and ask that
instead just send a little note letting her know you are thinking of
her. Her address is listed below.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel very free to email
us. We thank you so much for considering this request. Please note
that this is intended to be a surprise! We all know that life without any
sparkle or bling can bring even the best of us down!


Kate & Cindy


So day by day  my precious jewelry collection is being rebuilt gift by gift…

 While the new pieces fill the void left by my lost jewelry, they don’t  replaced the memories and stories gathered through the years of collecting them , but they have added a whole new chapter to those stories and created memories I will treasure even more. 

 Thanks ladies,  for your friendship…

and my new jewelry!


Cleaning My Empty Nest

empty nest imageThis week I finally found the time, energy and will to tackle a project I’ve put off far too long; cleaning out and organizing the closets of my house. As we transition from a full house to empty nesters we face the daunting, and often emotional task of paring down.  Rooms once filled with kids and the trappings of childhood are now quiet, occupied only by the shadows of the past and outgrown mementoes of youth.


kids memorabliaI actually tried to tackle this chore before, but as soon as I started sorting through the scraps of my children’s childhoods, their drawings, papers, photos and once treasured toys, I was ambushed, first by memories then by melancholy. So I abandoned the task, leaving the space in even more disarray than when I started, and instead I called the kids.

But over the years all our closets have slowly collected stuff, way too much stuff, so I decided it would be safer to start with my own space then work up to tackling, and facing, our empty nest.

My well-organized closet; it feels so spacious!

my organized closet

And my beautiful quilt closet; now I can enjoy my treasured textiles!

my organized quilt closet

A work in progress, yikes!

messy closet

Even though my closet clutter was hidden behind doors, the mess still weighed on me. Getting them clean and organized lifted the invisible weight that I wasn’t even aware I was carrying; I might even be ready to start on the kids room, or maybe I’ll just give them a call and visit awhile.

Welcome To Our Christmas Cabin











Let The Season Begin – With Old Fashioned Candy!

During Lisa’s last visit to the Ridge and Blue Antler Studio, we joined my mom and sisters on their annual Christmas Church Bazaar shopping trip that for them signals the start of  the giving season.

Creative kindred spirits filled three stories of two different churches! I’m a little ashamed to admit that it was the first church, Christmas craft show I have been to in many years; not much has changed. There were the standard needle crafts, canned and baked goodies and beaded jewelry; but what I remember most fondly about a church bazaar, that wonderful sense of community, creativity and positive energy, was even stronger than I recalled.

As we made our way through the rooms of crafts, we were greeted as friends by women of all ages, and an occasional brave man. The woman freely shared their recipes, stories and sources with us.  My mom, a life-long quilter, talked shop with fellow quilters; my sister purchased a necklace then briefly struggled with buyer’s remorse when one floor down she found another that she admired equally.  I took home a beautiful crocheted afghan in vivid colors and collectively we took home  delicious baked goods, home canned pickles and some great ideas.  Lisa took a way from her first church bazaar, her first taste of potato candy and the recipe.

When I was a little girl my grandma Jane would  make this delicious treat for her twenty plus grandchildren. Tie on a apron and try making this simple treat, and while rolling out the dough think of grandma, yours and mine.

Recipeold fashioned potato candy

Potato Candylike Grandma Jane use to make

1 large potato

1 lb bag of confectioner sugar + or – (Grandma Jane would tell you that some potatoes are bigger than others)

Peanut butter (a small jar will do)

Dash of vanilla – optional


Peel, slice and boil potato until it is tender

Drain and mash the boiled potato thoroughly

(If you are adding vanilla add it now)

Add confectioner sugar a handful at a time until it forms a stiff ball (some folks sift the sugar but I’m pretty sure Grandma Jane never did)

Roll out the dough to about ¼ thick – using enough confectioner sugar (top and bottom) to prevent it from sticking (add more sugar to dough if necessary)

Spread a layer of peanut butter over the rolled out dough – just go with what feels right here

Roll up dough into a log and cut in half

Wrap each log in wax paper and chill before slicing into ½ inch pieces

Serve chilled

Not into peanut butter? Simply roll the dough into little balls and dust with – what else? Confectioner sugar!

grandpa john and grandma jane turner

Grandpa John and Grandma Jane as they welcomed the grandkids, outside their home, back up in the country

Happy Thanksgiving







fireball at full moon party in the bvi

The other day I ran into an old acquaintance, the mother of one of my daughter’s high school friends. During those wonderful, crazy days of my children’s childhoods she and I crossed paths often. So, you would think, I could greet her by name; except for the fact that my stubborn mind refused to give up that information. Fortunately I soon recognized the same look on her face as she pleaded with her own locked brain to release my name. So what started out as an embarrassing situation turned into a shared “senior moment” that we both laughed off before sending greetings to each other’s daughters, whose names we did remember, and going our separate ways.

Besides senior moments there are blonde  moments –

we’re often encouraged to “live in the moment”-

Given the opportunity to “take a moment”-

Or experience our own personal moment.

Life is a collection of moments and very often defined by them; good, bad, happy, sad, peaceful, scary, embarrassing, magical, exhilarating moments.

 I have a friend who likes to pause whatever is going on around her to recognize, share and toast meaningful moments-

A group of friends in the middle of raucous laughter will see her raised arm in salute to the joyful times shared by good friends, she’s “having a moment” and all salute in solidarity.

Family and friends gathered  around a table, pause the conversation and meal because she has raised her glass to toast the scene and everyone reaches their glasses towards each others.

In the quiet at the end of an exhilarating day she’ll smile turning to make eye contact with those around her and then lift her arm in a quiet salute, holding it there until all have joined her.

I have decided to adopted my friend’s act of saluting special moments, it solidifies not only the special times in life but the relationships with which they’re shared; helping to store both in my heart and mind where they can be pulled out of my memory whenever I need a smile; except, of course, during senior moments.



Life’s moments are precious – salute them all.



Sun, Waves, Yoga and New Friends

When I met Shata a few months ago it was as if unseen powers were conspiring to bring the two of us together.  I was searching for a path to heal my injured shoulder and back; she was looking for a place to host a yoga retreat.  Her amazing Thai Yoga sessions have already brought relief to my back and have begun to restore the range of motion in my shoulder.  And this weekend the beach house provided her a perfect place to host a goddess yoga retreat.

Lisa and I, along with our friend Karen, joined Shata and three of her students at the beach for a weekend of yoga, raw food and female bonding.  The diverse group of women formed an immediate bond and generated a positive energy that enveloped us throughout the weekend.

 Shata generously gave of herself, leading us through meditation, yoga and conversation.  Lisa and Karen shared their knowledge of raw food and helped prepare delicious healthy meals.  Marigrace gave us insight into the healing art of acupuncture. Hong brought her quiet but powerful energy and shared stories of her childhood in China.  At the end of our retreat, Jean, adventuresome and athletic, led our small band of middle-aged women, laughing, jumping and freezing into the waves. With our minds free of daily necessities, our spirits opened by meditation and our bodies energized by the yoga and the clear cold water, we danced about and rode the waves, laughing and giggling, like a bunch of young, carefree girls.

Namaste :)

Having Fun With Creative Repurposing

chenille room divider

Lisa and I are happily busy these days collaborating on a new exciting project.  As I don’t have the resources to open a real brick and mortar shop, which is my dream, Lisa has agreed to join me in setting up a booth at a local antique/craft fair in January. Our husbands think it’s an excuse, as if we need one, to collect more junk.  But really part of the motivation is to thin out some of our junk, like having a big fancy yard sale; OK, maybe some shopping will be involved. 


However, after taking a look around our homes, we were reminded how much we struggle to with part with our precious junk/treasures. So far the things we are willing to let go all need drastic styling and repurposing to make them worthy of our stylish display.


Of course, and this will not surprise anyone, I took a trip through my dad’s barn;  as always, I was not disappointed.  I found several things that will fit the modern, airy, causal cottage vibe we’re channeling. Again much of the items will need some work to fit our style vision, but with a little elbow grease,  paint and fabric and a lot of creativity the random pieces will meld into a cohesive, beautiful collection.


Some before /after and in the process.










Here’s a sneak peek at how the look of our booth is taking shape…







TT’s Barn

vintage finds

 Sense reference to my dad’s barn appears so often on this site, I want to share with you this special place in my life and take you along on a treasure hunt.

Weather I’m in search for a specific object or inspiration, I never leave disappointed.

Dad’s barn is a little like life; sometimes it’s filled with great stuff and sometimes it’s just full of stuff –  but much of the thrill is in the hunt.

Yet I must admit, there’s a lot of fun in finding!

While the cavernous space holds  many treasures, it also holds a lifetime of memories. As a child on the ridge I saw first hand what happens when a community comes together to help one another. Not only did friends and neighbors gather to help my dad raise the pole barn, but a few years later, after an injury left him unable to work, they came together yet again; to house his tobacco in the same barn they had helped build.

All sorts of treasures are sheltered in the old barn; many are eventually sold or shared with friends, some are on display in my home and some live permanently in my heart.








Creativity Bling!

What a wonderful time we’ve had at Blue Antler Studio this summer.  My parent’s anniversary picnic brought family, scattered  all around the country, home to the ridge; my girls from North Carolina and NYC, and my sister from California. Their presence took our gatherings to another level, where we shared, supported, and inspired ideas. But all too soon it was time to say good-bye. So we prepared some beautiful food, poured some local wine and fresh cold water and local ohio valley winegathered in the Studio. While we talked and laughed Jane and Edna announced they had another surprise – big, blinging, creativity rings for each of us!

We are once again creating far from each other, but now we have as inspiration, our memories of a wonder time shared together at Blue Antler Studio and, of course, blinging creativity rings keeping us close in spirit.

  Miss you all!





A Great Time On The Ridge

What a great weekend on the Ridge!  The sixty-fifth anniversary picnic was wonderful. The lovely bride and groom were delighted with the love and support shown to them by family, friends and neighbors.  The weather, while hot, was not oppressively so. Of course there was great food, Jeff and Mary fried up chicken and grilled hot dogs, Kevin provided pulled port but everyone contributed something, sides and desert of all kinds. Edna and Jane baked and decorated one hundred and ninety cup cakes! There was garden ripe tomatoes and cucumbers, Mom’s fried cornbread and even chicken and dumplings – yum!

We had a slide show running on a continuous loop, the story of two lives lived in love; inspiring examples of what kindness, hard work and strong faith can bring to a family and a community. We love you mom and dad.