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Success At The Antique Fair!

wardrobe display at renninger's setup

our renninger's booth staged and ready for buyers

Our first big sale at a retail venue was a great success. We sold a lot of merchandise and had a great time. It was however a lot of work and we couldn’t have gotten through the loading and unloading and running back and forth without my hubby’s unfailing support; he was our truck driver, our delivery guy, our fix it if it got broken guy, our deal with grumpy neighbors guy, he did it all. Thanks hubby!

setting up our booth at renninger's 1/12

hubby helping with setup

Many of the folks that stopped by our booth asked about our shop location and our plans for future shows, and of course we had neither, but we did direct them here to; so if you are one of our new creative friends, welcome. Many of our buyers encouraged our creativity and urged us to considered doing more shows, but we’ll see. After a little down time Lisa and I will decide what direction, if any, we would like to take and, of course, once we have decided, you all will be the first to know.

running low on merchandise at the renninger's extravaganza

merchandise at the extravaganza

beautiful heart pine table and table top wine rack

Most of the items featured in the following photos sold!

most of the things in this photo sold!

all the jars and the wire stand sold

items that sold at the extravaganza

kathy and lisa in renningers booth

Wow Our Booth At The Antique Extravaganza Looks Amazing!

Wow! What a great weekend, hot but great, we are having at the extravaganza.  We sold so much stuff on Friday that after we closed up for the day we rushed home and picked everything we could from our homes to refill the booth space; then today went even better! But as for our grumpy neighbor, yesterday he proved that my theory that he was nicer than his first impression was wrong. But we are having too much fun, and sangria, to let a grumpy old guy bring down our spirits.

Today we met some great folks, dealers, collectors and delightful young people.  We also had some friends stop by for a visit, a little shopping and a sip of sangria.

Our Booth Of Eclectic Home Furnishings And Collectables!

booth at renninger's extravaganza


booth at renninger's extravaganzaAfter a very long day our booth is ready and we are so pleased with the way it looks.  We had a lot of positive feedback and several sales offers. While our closest neighbor comes across a little abrasive at times, I think the elderly man and his wife are probably nicer than their first impression would indicate; we certainly hope so, but tomorrow we’ll have a stash of sangria on hand, just in case we need to calm our nerves and shore up our patience.

booth at renninger's extravaganza

Check back to hear how it goes.

Here We Go To The Antique Extravaganza!

Here we go! Tomorrow we set up at the big extravaganza and the gates open to the public at 10:00 am on Friday.  If you’re in the central Florida area stop by and say hi – Renninger’s Extravaganza, Mount Dora.


merchandise for renninger's extravaganza

merchandise for renninger's extravaganza




We’re Booked At The Renninger’s Antique Extravaganza!

Its official, we’re committed.  This weekend we rented our space for the antique extravaganza in January   It’s the sale that Lisa and I have been moving toward with all the repurposing projects we’ve been working on for the past few months.

We attendant this season’s first extravaganza to gather information.  We decided on an area of the show that we would like to be located, observed what items seemed to be popular and of course shopped.

If you’re going to be in the central Florida area January 20, 21 and 22, stop by and say hello.