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Living Succulent Wreath

Living succulent wreath:living succulent wreath

While my daughter Kate, of Twice Treasured, was visiting for Mother’s Day, she mentioned a beautiful living succulent wreath project she had recently pinned  on Pinterest.  She commented that sometimes she, like a lot of us, was guilty of pinning projects with the intention of doing them but then not following through.  This project, however, was so perfect for us that we decided to make  time and actually create this beautiful succulent wreath.

Two wire wreath forms
Medium gauge wire and wire cutters
Mat floral moss
Succulent soil

Line one of the wire wreath forms with the mat moss

making a succulent wreath

Pack with soil (the moss should keep the soil from passing through the back of the wire

Gently work the roots of the succulents through the wire of the other wire form so that the plants are on the outside and the roots are on the inside

applying plants into succulent wreath

 Place the planted form on top of the soil form and wire them together working the  roots  into the soil

 Using your fingers, gently work more moss into the wire around the plants

constructing a succulent wreath

 Cut four-inch pieces of wire and bend them into  hairpin shapes. Press the hairpins into the wreath among the plants and moss to secure

how to construct succulent wreath

Water thoroughly and keep the wreath flat for a couple of weeks or until the plants have rooted then it can be hung vertically.

 succulent wreath

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sandwich using seasonal produce

fresh summer produce sandwichI am so enjoying the wonderful summer produce showing up on the grocery shelves, roadside stands and farmers markets this time of year. So I’ve decided to take a moment andfarmers market produce share one of my favorite, easy, delicious sandwiches; it’s healthy to boot!


Tomato, cucumber, pesto sandwich:

  • Hearty grain, artisanal bread (I always slice it myself)
  • Beautiful heirloom tomato (sliced)
  • Fresh spinach
  • Pesto (freshly made or store-bought)
  • Cream cheese
  • Cucumber (peeled and sliced)
  • Olive oil
  • Salt (I love, love, love coarsely ground, pink, Himalayan salt)

Heat olive oil in skillet and grill the sliced bread on both sides to a light brown,

Generously spread cream cheese on one slice of grilled bread and pesto on a second,

On one of the slices of bread, layer with the sliced tomato and cucumbers,

 Sprinkle with salt,

Add a layer of spinach,

Top with the second piece of bread,


Vertical Garden Of Succulents

vertical succulent potting systemI have a final note about the succulents from my daughter’s beautiful May wedding.

succulents as wedding decorationDuring the weeks leading up to the wedding I stumbled across an interesting discovery at the local Lowes home and garden center; vertical planters, seriously discounted.  Hoping it would be possible to repurpose the bouquet plants, I purchased three of the planters.  So a few days after the wedding I pulled out my lucky finds, gathered up the bouquets and the table decorations and carefully began to deconstructed the beautiful creations we had only days before assembled.  After removing the floral picks, wire and pens, and stripping away damaged foliage also creating a short stem; the plants were ready for their final purpose.

The process was simple. Using a potting mix for cactus and succulents, I filled the small compartments of the planter, designed on an angle to prevent the soil from washing out. Next I moistened and pressed the soil. Then, using a pencil, I poked a whole into the dirt of each compartment so I could easily insert the stem of the plants.

 Amazingly, most of the resilient succulents have thrived and are now art, a beautiful living painting, gracing my garden fence.


vertical succulent hanging system