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Adventures Enabled

This weekend hubby and I had the opportunity to volunteer for a program that has found a very unique way to support our most deserving soldiers.  WWO, Wounded Warrior Outdoors, orchestrates therapeutic outdoor adventures designed to inspire and support wounded servicemen and women as they navigate through their healing journey. This weekend the organization took seven wounded warriors on a four day fishing trip to Florida. While the young men on this trip bore the scars of war, their strength of character and spirit was undeniable and inspiring. It was an honor to give back to those who have given so much.

For information on how you can show your support for our deserving service members, check out WWO at –

For more on the Florida fishing trip check out this article –

Thankful Celebration


Homecoming embrace!

Departing kiss, 210 days earlier, before deploying to Afghanistan

It is a time of thankful celebration here at Blue Antler Studio.  One of our own has returned safely home after a tour of duty in Afghanistan. At four AM, my brave son-in-law stepped onto the tarmac at Seymour Johnson and into the waiting arms of his brave young wife. After spending more time apart in service to their country than together, since their beautiful May wedding, it is finally their time, God bless them both.

Yet even as we celebrate the safe return of one, we are aware of the sacrifices of others. Lisa’s husband is the founder of the non-profit organization, Wounded Warrior Outdoors This past week we were honored to participate in one of the sponsored trips, as WWO took several recovering soldiers on a fishing adventure on the west coast of FL.  The participants came from both Walter Reed Hospital in the east and Balboa Hospital in the west; all struggling through serious injuries and all so very young.

At a reception dinner on the eve of the trip, sponsors and volunteers met and mingled with relatively subdued participants, it was my first glimpse of just how amazing our young American heroes really are. Only a few days later, at the farewell dinner, we once again gathered together. This time the guys were anything but subdued as they joked with their new friends like they were old ones, swapping stories of fishing, gators,personal tragedy and perseverance.

They had come together as strangers, connected only by their tragic injuries but it seemed to me they would depart as friends, united not just by the challenges they would continue to face, but the healing adventure they had just shared.

Thank you to all who bravely serve or have served our country. And thank you to all who are dedicated to serving our returning heroes. We thankfully celebrate your dedication.


Special Event For Our Wounded Warriors

Once again Blue Antler Studio will be participating in an event we very much believe in, Wounded Warrior Outdoors,,  provides outdoor adventures for soldiers that have given so much for the protection of our freedom. There is a fundraiser, Cocktails For A Cause, tonight, February 24th, and we’re donating a special Santa for the silent auction. The sitting, mantel Santa is dressed in long johns and checkered britches, cut from an old pair of my hubby’s pants from his Colorado wrangler days. This Santa has an American flag and the remnant of an old crazy quilt draped over his shoulders, an embroidered burlap sack on his back and both arms full of toys. We will be thrilled to have this very special Santa in a home that supports our brave heroes.